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This week in The Office

I came to realize after the first week of lettering quotes that if this is going to be sustainable. I'm going to need some themes. I roughed out the next 5 weeks or so, and it feels good to have something to bounce ideas off of instead of the million-and-one things that are never good enough to write, or depending on things I'm watching in the evening to provide me with a good quote or word.

Last night we watched The Babadook, which was beautiful, the art direction and color palettes were amazing. 


Well I'm Heather C. and I'm back from the dead.

Chillin' at the beach down at club Med… Ok, actually just work–busy, so things have been a bit Instagram-focused lately. I'm starting a couple of new projects that I'll try to share bits of process as I go.

Here's a very recent collaboration (Yes, that's me!) with wonderful photographer Jeremy Pair jeremypair.com to get a little more personality onto the site here. I have a really fun set that I'll be using for the new header as soon as I pull them together and–I'm looking forward to more collaborating with Jeremy in the near future.